Aebi operating design

Easy operation makes light work

Aebi operating design: user-friendly and simple


The user is right at the heart of the new Aebi operating design. The simple and intuitive operating controls which can be integrated in all the vehicles in use makes handling a great deal easier. In the future, all new Aebi vehicles will come equipped with this modern operating design.


Multi-functional joystick

Operation is intuitive and made safer by using colour-coded keys. The key assignment is the same on both the Aebi TT206/211 and the Aebi VT450 Vario Euro 6. The range of functions available is simply fantastic. The user-friendly, intuitive and brilliantly simple Aebi operating design means that you are in complete control and can fully concentrate on driving and getting the work done. This increases safety and lets you have more fun driving!


Aebi TT206/211

  • Self-explanatory, logical operation
  • Display with all the important values
  • Display instrument with colour display and keys
  • Electronic accelerator
  • Automatic functions such as calibrating weight compensation at the touch of a button.


Aebi VT450 Vario Euro 6

  • Large colour screen
  • Analogue display for speed and motor revolutions
  • Short cut key for frequently used functions
  • Display with all the important values
  • Hydraulic operation can be selected for front or rear use
  • A range of advanced options can be programmed in individually
  • Easy to control all functions on the screen via the ‘Smart Navigator’ (Option)